Bulletproof  Hosting with VPS

NO Suspension for hosting any kind of content. HOST Scampages / Phishing & etc. Host without worring about your hosting provider kicking you out due to abuse!

xUID provides a proxy service where your actual server is hidden. Basically we are like cloudflare but we never kick you out for abuses. No matter what.

Our services are powered by FastFlux technology. We change IP whenever certain conditions are met. You Don't need to change anything or update anything manualy. Our system does this for you. You just manage your own project and domains. Rest is our job.
Bring your own server or choose a server from us! Works either ways! Very easy to configure. ZERO installation required and tons of features.

👋 For queries you can Start a chat with our sales executive or chat with us in telegram xUIDSales 👋

... but why should you choose us ?

Anonymous Service

No Length signup form & Anonymous Payment!

Instant Service

Get your plan details instantly after making payment.

Truly Abuse Ignored

We are not your everyday hoster. Truly Abuse ignored guaranteed.

4+ Years of Service

Built on trust and quality. 100+ Active Customers.

Shared FastFlux Plans with VPS

If you are looking for more no. of domains hosted then look at our High Limit plans. If you need Unlimited domains check our Dedicated FastFlux plans!


$125 /m

+ Cost of VPS

  • 2 Domains Protected from abuse
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Country Access Control
  • Req limit: 25/s
  • Shared FastFlux System
  • VPS Delivered within 24 hours

Value Most Popular

$199 /m

+ Cost of VPS

  • 4 Domains Protected from abuse
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Country Access Control
  • Req limit: 30/s
  • Shared FastFlux System
  • VPS Delivered within 24 hours


$249 /m

+ Cost of VPS

  • 8 Domains Protected from abuse
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Country Access Control
  • Req limit: 35/s
  • Shared FastFlux System
  • VPS Delivered within 24 hours


$399 /m

+ Cost of VPS

  • 25 Domains Protected from abuse
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Country Access Control
  • Req limit: 50/s
  • Shared FastFlux System
  • VPS Delivered within 24 hours


$499 /m

+ Cost of VPS

  • 50 Domains Protected from abuse
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Country Access Control
  • Req limit: 75/s
  • Shared FastFlux System
  • VPS Delivered within 24 hours

Diamond Most Value

$599 /m

+ Cost of VPS

  • 100 Domains Protected from abuse
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Country Access Control
  • Req limit: 100/s
  • Shared FastFlux System
  • VPS Delivered within 24 hours

* FastFlux Panel details is instantly delivered. VPS and Other addons are delivered within 24 hours or more depending on stock, customization and configuration. Contact our Support channel for an estimate time.


  • Backend Server
  • 1 vCore - 2GB RAM - 25GB DISK - 100Mbps $25/m + $10 Setup
  • 2 vCore - 4GB RAM - 50GB DISK - 100Mbps $50/m + $10 Setup
  • 3 vCore - 8GB RAM - 100GB DISK - 100Mbps $75/m + $10 Setup
  • 4 vCore - 16GB RAM - 200GB DISK - 100Mbps $100/m + $10 Setup
  • Dedicated Servers from $150/m
  • Control Panel License
  • cPanel (50 User License) $30/m + $5 Setup
  • ISPManager Pro $15/m + $5 Setup
  • DirectAdmin Unlimited $15/m + $5 Setup
  • Plesk Unlimited Admin $25/m + $5 Setup
  • VestaCP $25 Setup
  • System Administration $25 for 30 Minutes

* Check Order form for complete price & addon services. Fre Installation for all Control Panel licenses.

Get these bonuses:
  • Use your Own Server
  • Abuse Ignored Hosting
  • Offshore Secured Servers
  • Anonymous Payments & Ordering
  • FastFlux Control Panel "KLUM"
  • ∞ Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Automatic Wildcard SSL
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Onboarding Migration
  • Free Basic Support

Features of our Service

No Suspension EVER!

We provide 100% abuse ignored offshore bulletproof hosting. We provide hosting service for phishing, botnets and much more. Forget about getting suspended! We guarantee that you will never be suspended with us ever. Use our fastflux service and feel the difference.

Why FastFlux Hosting

FastFlux is an advanced technique that hides your actual server by running through different encrypted tunnels. FastFlux is best option when you have a secure website that needs protection from abuses and so on. xUID have developed it's own FastFlux software named "KLUM".

Own Server

With our FastFlux service you can use your own Server, Root, VPS or whatever you can think of. Have 100% control over your content. There is no need to install anything ever! Just add your domain to our KLUM Panel and use our nameservers. That's all. Our FastFlux will automatically do the rest.

Free Wildcard SSL

Each of your domain gets automated Wildcard SSL for free. NO manual configuration! You can also add your own ssl. We also have option for Force SSL redirection when you would like your visitors to be redirected from http to https automatically.

Country Control

We have a special feature known as "Country Access Control" where you can choose which countries are allowed / not allowed to visit your website. Only configured countries can visit your website, rest can't. This is a important feature if you doing country specific projects.

Unique Nameservers

Each domain gets it own unique nameservers. Using unique nameservers makes it hard to detect rogue domains. Unique nameservers add another level of protection for your domain against rapid detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

What payment modes do you support?

We accept all major crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, BitcoinCash, ZCash, Litecoin & DASH. We also accept Perfect Money both in USD and EURO.

How long does it take to activate my service?

All cPanel and FastFlux services are activated instantly after your payment has been confirmed. In rare cases some orders may need a manual approval which is done within 24 hours max. If you have order server / vps or any license from us it may take upto 24-72 hours depending on requested configuration.

Can i host unlimited domains with my VPS or your VPS?

All FastFlux domains has to be configured inside our KLUM FastFlux Panel. Even if you have a domain at VPS unless it's only KLUM, the fastflux won't be activated. The plans here are shared. Hence, has limits on how many domains you can use. Check our dedicated fastflux plans for Unlimited domains hosting. Never directly point your domain to the VPS - it is useless as without fastflux it's a normal VPS and can get suspended.

What is Country Access Control Feature?

Country Access Control is an advanced feature of our fastflux where you can choose which countries are allowed or disallowed to visit your website. If your website is only for Germany then it will only allow traffic from Germany.

Can i use my own SSL?

Yes, If you have your own SSL you can use that too. We support all types of SSL Certificates. By Default we offer FREE Wildcard SSL certificate which is generated automatically after you add a domain in our control panel.


Unique nameservers mean you get different and dedicated nameservers for each of your domain. All nameservers provided by our system are unique and dedicated to you only.


NO. FastFlux won't help to avoid red pages. Red pages occur becuase you fell into honey pots by either sending emails or some other factor which cannot be controlled by fastflux.


No. FastFlux is not a email solution. You are not allowed to Email or send spam. You can use the email to send reports to yourself. Remember that your backend is always hidden behind fastflux. If you send our email from your backend then you reveal your actual server address which can result in server suspension.

Can i use my service for X reason ?

You can use your service for whatever purpose you intend to. However we are not responsible neither liable for any damages that may occur from it. However please note we do not allow few things explicitly - porn,weapons and terrorism.To learn more, please refer to our Terms Of Service.

Can I request refund?

Unfortunately, not. We do not issue full or partial refunds for any reason.

Need help? Chat with our Sales Rep @XUIDSales

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