Affordable Bulletproof Hosting


NO SUSPENSION FOR HOSTING ANY KIND OF CONTENT. HOST SCAMPAGES / PHISHING & etc without worring about your hosting provider kicking you out due to abuse!

We provide a proxy service where your actual server is hidden. Basically we are like cloudflare but we never kick you out for abuses. No matter what.

Our services are powered by FastFlux technology. We change IP whenever certain conditions are met. You Don't need to change anything or update anything manualy. Our system does this for you. You just manage your own server and project. Rest is our job.

We use our own KLUM Panel where you can add domains , manage ssl certificates, use our country access control, force ssl and much more advanced options.

It's very easy to get started, learn below:

How easy it is to use our service!

  1. Choose a plan & PAY FOR IT




Shared fastflux plans

Instant Setup after payment is completed. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money and more. Get 25% Off on your first month! Contact us for promo code.

Basic Plan


  • Upto 2 domains protected from abuse
  • Use your own server or order vps from us
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Upto 25 connections/second/domain
  • Abuse Proof. No Suspension ever.
  • SSL Supported
  • X Country Access Control Feature
  • Unique Dedicated Nameserver

Value Plan


  • Upto 4 domains protected from abuse
  • Use your own server or order vps from us
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Upto 35 connections/second/domain
  • Abuse Proof. No Suspension ever.
  • SSL Supported
  • Country Access Control Feature
  • Unique Dedicated Nameserver

Professional Plan


  • Upto 8 domains protected from abuse
  • Use your own server or order vps from us
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Upto 50 connections/second/domain
  • Abuse Proof. No Suspension ever.
  • SSL Supported
  • Country Access Control Feature
  • Unique Dedicated Nameserver


You can use your own server or choose from our offer range! We provide anonymous offshore vps as low as $10/m! as an addon.

Looking to host Unlimited Projects? Check our Dedicated FastFlux Plans. You get own dedicated fastflux with unlimited domains, DNS Editor, SSL Manager, Force SSL Option, Country Access Control option and No limit of bandwidth or connection. Customizeable to your request!


Our FastFlux Control Panel

We have developed our own control panel "KLUM Panel" where you can add/edit your domains, configure their backend. E.g each domain can have own server and so on.


Manage Domains

Add and manage multiple domains and configure each backend(server) for each domain.Here you can add as many domains as your plan support and edit each backend (server) for them!

Use Own Server

Have 100% control over your content. With us you use your own serve. There is no need to install anything ever! You can use your standard server with our service. Just like cloudflare.

NO Suspension EVER!

Forget about getting suspended! We guarantee that you will never be suspended with us ever. Use our fastflux service and feel the difference.

Unique Nameservers

Each domain gets it own unique nameservers. Using unique nameservers makes it hard to detect rogue domains.

SSL Supported

Add and upload your own ssl certificates for your domains. Our system supports SSL. We also have option for Force SSL redirection when you would like your visitors to be redirected from http to https automatically.

Country Access Control

We have a special feature known as "Country Access Control" where you can choose which countries are allowed / not allowed to visit your website. Only configured countries can visit your website, rest can't. This is a important feature if you doing country specific projects.

DNS Editor

Unlike others, we provide the ability to EDIT DNS Records e.g you can own mail server, txt record and so on. (This feature is available on dedicated fastflux only)

Basic Support Included

We will help you to configure the service whenever you need. Our team of professionals are here to help you.

...and that's not all! We assure you of our service and quality.

& a track record of 95%+ Uptime

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