SMTP, WebMailer and More

xUID offers 95% Inbox Emailers, SMTP, WebMailers and Much more. You can send and recieve emails from these accounts. You can also use your own domain with our Emailer service or get a random one from us.

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4 Simple Reasons to choose us.

Anonymous Service

No Details & Anonymous Payment

Multiple Acess

SMTP, WebMail, POP3, IMAP.

100% Inbox Rate

Tested with GMail, Outlook, GMX & more

4+ Years of Service

Built on trust and quality.

Inbox Mailer

95% Inbox (E)Mailer service
Upto 100 Emails per hour or 2400 Per day MAX.
Both Incomming and Outgoing mails. Posssible to receive SMS Too.
Customer username e.g possible.
Custom Domain e.g your custom domain possible to use.
SMTP, WebMail, POP3, IMAP Access.
TLS/SSL Enabled.

Starting at
$ 15/mailbox per month

Order Now

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